Sunday, March 10, 2019 

Staten Island Museum 
1000 Richmond Terrace, Building A 

FREE Admission! 

Elizabeth McCullough, soprano 
Elizabeth Cruz, mezzo-soprano 
Wen-Yi Lo, piano 
Tamara Keshecki, flute and J. Brunka, bass 

Selections from Clairieres dans le ciel by Lili Boulanger, poetry by Francis Jammes 
3 Browning Songs, Opus 44 by Amy Marcy Beach, poetry by Robert Browning 
The New Colossus by Oliver Caplan, text by Emma Lazarus 
for your judicious and pious consideration by MCCE’s composer-in-residence Hilary Purrington 

How the Other Half Lives (Thoroughly Modern Millie) 
Sing (A Chorus Line) 
Some Things Are Meant To Be (Little Women) 
I Know Him So Well (Chess) 
Once Upon A Dream (Jekyll and Hyde) 
The Story Goes On (Baby) 
Buddie Beware (Anything Goes) 
Mistress of the Senator (Hello Again) 
To Keep My Love Alive (A Connecticut Yankee) 
Send in the Clowns (A Little Night Music)

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